(Mates of the Alliance: Book 1)

This series is crafted for those with an insatiable curiosity about what might be “out there” and those intrigued by fantastical romance. I hope to tickle your fancy and engage your imagination. As your narrator into this world, I hope to share with you the laughter and joy Daria and Kairn and their growing cadre of Friends and Family brought me. Reading (and writing ) has been an escape for me in this oftentimes crazy world we live in. I invite you to join me for these special moments where we lay aside our busy day and allow our imaginations to roam free. As you spend time in their world, I hope you enjoy your visit with Darian and Kairn and come to love them as much as I do.
Fionne Foxxe Farraday
Kairn (Mates of the Alliance: Book 1)